Project 2

Reducing HIV and TB-related stigma in the workplace among healthcare workers in South Africa

RabiaLead researchers

  • Asta Rau, UFS
  • Jane Buxton,UBC
  • Edwin Wouters, UFS
  • David Moore, UBC
  • Annalee Yassi, UBC
  • Michelle Engelbrecht, UFS
  • Kerry Uebel, UFS
  • Jacob Siegel, Student Investigator, UBC
  • Rabia Khan, Student Investigator, UBC

Study description

As a component of the larger RCT, this study focuses specifically on evaluating and reducing HIV and TB related stigma in the workplace. The stigma component of the trial comprises several interventions at the individual, community, and structural levels. And in the context of the TB-HIV co-epidemic, HIV as well as TB stigma are addressed. Our distinct focus is on TB-HIV stigma among health care workers, towards health care workers; stigma from or towards patients is not included. The exact nature of the interventions is determined by the results of a baseline survey, which also serves as a pre-intervention comparison point to a post-intervention evaluation. In working towards a valid and reliable survey instrument, a pilot questionnaire is developed and is administered in one large Free State hospital – a site which is not included in the larger trial. 


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Publications and presentations

Siegel J, Yassi A, Rau A, Buxton JA, Wouters E, Engelbrecht MC, Uebel KE, Nophale LE. Workplace interventions to reduce HIV and TB stigma among health care workers – Where do we go from here? Global Public Health. 2015 Mar 13:1-13