Project 1.1

Meta-narrative synthesis to critically review existing knowledge

Project description

This core project informs and will be informed by the research program field research projects. In synthesizing current understandings of food-health effects and pathways, this project systematically reviews literature (in English and Spanish language) on food security, food sovereignty and health equity to analyze how focus varies in different settings, sectors and disciplines according to conceptualized pathways. This analysis is being reviewed by researchers and knowledge users to identify gaps in knowledge; and using a transdisciplinary and intercultural approach, to identify actions and further research that can be pursued.

Project team

Researchers (English language literature)

Jerry Spiegel
Hannah Wittman

Student researchers
Ben Brisebois
Chris Hergesheimer
Sally McBride
Julia Russel
Anelyse Weiler

Researchers (Spanish language literature)
Jaime Breilh

Student researchers
Diana Calle R.
Mónica Hernández M

Current status (October 1, 2013)

  • Mapping of literature has been completed
  • Meta-narrative themes are being analyzed

Publications and presentations

  •  Spiegel JM, Breilh J. Food Sovereignty and Social Determination of Health in an Era of Globalization. Pan American Journal of Public Health. Submitted April 1 2013.
  • Spiegel JM, Breilh J, Black J, Brisbois B, Carten S, Chan L, Chapman G, Cortinois A, Jayatilaka, D, Nicol AM, Merino R, Otero G, Parkes M, Takaro T, Wittman H, Yassi A. Food for Thought: Integrating food sovereignty and bio-security in a Canadian-Ecuadorian research program on global food system pathways to health equity. The Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA) 2013 Conference; June, 2013; Ottawa, Ontario.
  • Weiler A, Hergesheimer C, Brisbois B, Wittman H, Spiegel JM. Food sovereignty, food security and health equity: A meta-narrative synthesis. Canadian Association for Food Studies Meeting, June 2013; Victoria BC.