Bjorn Stime | Bio

  • PhD candidate, UBC School of Population and Public Health: Global Health Research Program (2013-present)
  • Master of Public Health,  UBC School of Population and Public Health: Global Health Research Program (2011-2013)
  • Medical Student, Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, 3rd year (2009-ongoing)
  • Bachelor of Science, McGill University, Water Ecosystems and Environments, physical stream (2005)

Research Interests

Bjorn has been focused on participatory water management in rural Andean communities of Ecuador and on developing an ecosystem approach to reducing the development of antimicrobial resistance in Ecuador. He is particularly interested in access to clean water and heath equity in Aboriginal communities. Bjorn is also an aircraft mechanic.

Select Publications

  • Yassi A, Lockhart K, Sykes M, Buck B, Stime B, Spiegel JM.The effectiveness of joint health & safety committees: A systematic review. American Journal of Industrial Medicine. Submitted April 4, 2012.
  • Stime B, Mainato Alvarez J, Alulema R, Verdugo M, Felicita O, Campaña A, Breilh J, Yassi A, Bowie WR, Spiegel JM.  Access to safe water in remote Andean communities: Complementing water testing and treatment with participatory water management. Poster at EcoHealth 2012 conference.
  • Yassi A, Munoz G, Stime B, Bowie WR, Quizhpe A, Spiegel JM. Community-based training for antibiotic stewardship: A Canadian-Ecuadorian collaboration to sustainably control infectious diseases using an ecosystem approach. Poster at 2012 EcoHealth conference.
  • Stime B, Sykes M, Buck B, Yassi A. An Online Resource Tool for Joint Health and Safety Committees: Results of the First Phase Evaluation. Presentation at 2012 CARWH conference.
  • Correa Estenόs M, Stime B, Stime S. 2009. Estudio de Contaminaciόn en la Cuenca Amazόnica 2008 (Amazon Watershed Contamination Study 2008). Presented to Peruvian government institutions including the Ministry of Environment and the Autonomous Region of Loreto.
  • Stime B. 2007. “Ready-to-Go” Bicycle project – addressing infrastructure regeneration after disasters through use of the bicycle. Global Washington Initiative – ‘Marketplace of Ideas’ poster presentation.