WHO Collaborating Centre


The GHRP is designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre in Occupational and Environmental Health

Find the GHRP on the WHO website: http://apps.who.int/whocc/Detail.aspx?cc_ref=CAN-84&designation_date1=1/6/2013&designation_date2=24/6/2013&


Our Collaborating Centre  performs research, provides training and education, and develops and evaluate the application of appropriate technology in order to fulfill our Terms of References with WHO/PAHO:

  • To contribute to WHO/PAHO’s work in building best practices in occupational health for healthcare workers.
  • Tier 1 event_web slideshowTo contribute to WHO/PAHO’s work in promoting an effective ecosystem approach to complex occupational and environmental health problems.
  • To support WHO/PAHO in building capacities to improve health equity by more systematically addressing occupational and environmental health issues

Our Collaborating Centre activities  that contribute to the WHO’s global plan of action on worker’s health include:


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