The focus of research is to promote health equity and sustainability by discovering ways for better understanding and addressing occupational and environmental health challenges in an era of globalization.

By emphasizing strong partnerships with Latin American and African colleagues as well as direct involvement of affected communities, GHRP has established platforms for conducting long-term, high-impact intervention projects.

In 2011, GHRP was honoured to receive two 5 year, Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)-funded health equity research program grants, ensuring a stable environment for sustaining and advancing collaborations established in Ecuador and South Africa

South Africa-Canada Collaborative Team (click to enlarge)


Cuba Team (click to enlarge)

South Africa

Collaborative project bringing together infection control and occupational health lead by Drs. Elizabeth Bryce (VCH) and Annalee Yassi (UBC)

Tier 1 Master program students

Tier 1 Master program students (click to enlarge)