Karen Lockhart | Bio

Karen Lockhart

Karen’s  work with Dr. Yassi focuses on writing publications, including reports, presentations and peer-reviewed articles. She is skilled in data analysis and project management.

Select Recent Publications:

Yassi A, Grant JM, Lockhart K, Barker S, Sprague S, Okpani A, Wong T, Daly P, Henderson W, Lubin S, Kim Sing C. Infection control, occupational and public health measures including mRNA-based vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 infections to protect healthcare workers from variants of concern: a 14-month observational study using surveillance data. PLoS one. 2021. July 16.

Spiegel JM, Ehrlich R, Yassi A, Riera F, Wilkinson J, Lockhart K, Barker S, Kistnasamy B. Using Artificial Intelligence for High-Volume Identification of Silicosis and Tuberculosis: A Bio-Ethics Approach. Annals of Global Health. 2021; 87(1): 58, 1–12.

Tsang VWL, Lockhart K, Spiegel SJ and Yassi A. Occupational Health Programs for Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining: A Systematic Review for the WHO Global Plan of Action for Workers’ Health. Annals of Global Health. 2019; 85(1): 128, 1–12.

Yassi A, Mabhele S, Wilcox E, Tsang VWL, Lockhart K. An embodied exercise to address HIV and tuberculosis related stigma of healthcare workers in Southern Africa. Journal of Applied Arts & Health. 2019.10(1):73-85.

Yassi A, Lockhart K, Gray P, Hancock T. Defrosting the Paradigm Freeze to Respond to the Post-Truth Era? An analysis of course curricula in Canadian schools of public health. Critical Public Health. Sept. 2017. 1-8. A

Yassi A, Spiegel JB, Lockhart K, Fels L, Boydell K, Marcuse J. Ethics in Community-University-Artist Partnered Research: Tensions, Contradictions and Gaps Identified in an ‘Arts for Social Change’ Project. Journal of Academic Ethics. 2016. 14(3):199-220.

Yassi A, Zungu M, Kistnasamy B, Spiegel JM, Lockhart K, Jones D, Nophale L, O’Hara LM, Bryce EA, Darwin L. Protecting health workers from infectious disease transmission: An exploration of a Canadian-South African partnership of partnerships. Globalization and Health. 2016. 12: 10.