Tyler Paetkau I Bio

Tyler received his Master’s in bioethics from McGill University and his undergrad in philosophy from the University of Alberta. His work focuses on public trust in healthcare and lowering barriers to uptake of evidence-based interventions.

Tyler has worked extensively in health and science policy including with Oxfam International, the Canadian Science Policy Centre, and McGill’s Institute for Health and Social Policy. Recently, his work has focused on vaccine hesitancy. These projects have sought to understand and counteract hesitancy both on the individual level and the ways in which institutional “blind spots” can inadvertently foster hesitancy.

Tyler is a McCall MacBain Scholar and an I.M. Rabinowitch Fellow. In addition, he has received several research awards including the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Graduate Award and the Sir James Lougheed Award of Distinction.

Selected Publications:
Paetkau T. Vaccine mandates for prospective versus existing employees: reply to Smith. Journal of Medical Ethics. 2023 Aug 17.