Collaborative workshops to address antimicrobial resistance in Ecuador

taller-antibioticosIn November 2012, Drs. Yassi and Spiegel, along with Director of the School of Population and Public Health, Dr. David Patrick, participated in collaborative workshops to address antimicrobial resistance in Ecuador. Global Health Research Program graduate students Bjorn Stime and Nelson Gorrin were also in attendance.

You can find more about the workshop here (Spanish version).

Agenda: Taller para la consolidación de proyecto en Ecuador, November 12-14 2012 agenda


Microbes and the arts innovative day

Ecuador3The UBC delegation attended an innovative day in Cuenca, Ecuador, entitled “Microbes and the Arts” which was a collaboration of several faculties at the University of Cuenca, led by the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Arts.

This included creative costumes, banners, songs, dances, and various other performative activities. Yogurt and bread was given  out to participants and passer-bys, as two products that require microbes, to convey the message that microbes play an important role for health and healthy ecosystems, so should not be unnecessarily destroyed.   The day also included the launch of a photovoice project called Fotoresistencia. You can watch a video of the event here.

Ecuador1 Ecuador10 Georgina Nelson with cups and food in background_w