Our Dengue Prevention project is nearing completion

Dr. Spiegel travelled to Ecuador in November 2013 to participate in workshops and assist in survey work for the final phase of the “Meeting capacity-building and scaling-up challenges to sustainably prevent and control dengue in Machala, Ecuador” project, which is funded by the WHO’s Tropical Disease Research Program (TDR) and Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

Kendra Mitchell-Foster, who recently graduated, was also in Machala.  Kendra’s PhD Thesis was titled  “Applying effective indicators to promote interdisciplinary knowledge translation in dengue control: KT for Scaling-up Community-based Dengue Prevention Strategies in Machala, Ecuador”.

While in Ecuador, Dr. Spiegel also gave a lecture on the “The Theories of EcoHealth and Critical Epidemiology: Convergences and Divergences” at the Encuentro Internacional de posgrados: Epidemiología crítica y gestión (International Graduate Student Conference on Critical Epidemiology and its Application) All conference proceedings are (or will soon be) be available at 

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