Health Equity & Healthcare Workers | South Africa and South America



Funded by:

cihr logo Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

Partner Organizations:

University of the Free State (South Africa)
Centre for Health Systems Research and Development (South Africa)
National Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH), South Africa

Project Description

The World Health Organization, International Labour Organization, and the Joint Agency created by the UN to tackle AIDS (UNAIDS), have been increasingly concerned about the wellbeing of the healthcare workforce.This 5 year CIHR-funded program of research was conceived to address research gaps identified in the guidelines and to expand knowledge on promoting health equity through improving working conditions generally and for health workers in particular. This program of research is divided in 9 interlinked studies:

Project 1: Improving prevention and care of TB and HIV in health care workers (IMPACT Health care workers): A cluster randomised controlled trial in the Free State, South Africa

Project 2: Reducing HIV and TB-related stigma in the workplace among healthcare workers in South Africa

Project 3: Determining rates of TB disease among healthcare workers in Free State and Gauteng provinces

Project 4: Building Capacity to Design, Implement and Evaluate Action Research Projects to Decrease the Burden of HIV and TB in the Healthcare Workforces

Project 5: Evaluating the use, perceived usefulness and impact of a health information system to improve the health of health workers

Project 6: Impacts of globalization on occupational health and safety conditions and relevant national policies

Project 7: Evaluating active tuberculosis screening preferences among healthcare workers in South Africa: A best-worse scaling (BWS) experiment

Project 8: Evaluating risk of exposure to tuberculosis among healthcare workers in Kalafong Regional Hospital, South Africa

Project 9: Improving occupational health and infection control for healthcare workers in Ecuador

Project 10: Arts-based approach to TB prevention in South African healthcare workers

Project 11: Compliance of health care facilities in the Western Cape with the National Core Standards occupational health and safety and infection prevention and control measures and reliability of the assessment instrument

Project 12: Promoting the occupational health and safety of health workers in Southern Africa: enabling factors and barriers to implementing tools developed by international organizations