Meeting capacity-building and scaling-up challenges to sustainably prevent and control dengue in Machala | Ecuador


School children learning about Dengue fever prevention.


June 2010 to June 2014

Funded by:

TDR – Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Disease, a collaboration of UNICEF, UNDP, World Bank and WHO to support research on diseases of poverty

Partner Organizations:

  • Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar (UASB) (Quito)
  • Servicio Nacional de Eradicación de Malaria (SNEM) (Machala)
  • Ministerio de Salud Pública Ecuador (MSP)
  • Universidad Técnica de Machala

Project Description:

This project aims to investigate the effectiveness and feasibility of applying and scaling up an ecosystem approach to prevent and control dengue in vulnerable endemic settings amid a resurgence of dengue in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC).Over a three-year period, we will compare a piloted integrated community-based approach in with a reactive insecticide based program for effectiveness, cost, feasibility, acceptability and sustainability in Machala, a region of recent unplanned urban and peri-urban expansion.This project is part of a TDR-funded multi-country study (Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Uruguay) looking at the ecological, biological and social (EBS) determinants of dengue transmission risk in the LAC WHO region. Within the EBS paradigm, particular attention is paid to participatory, community-centric strategies to produce evidence-based dengue prevention and control policy and programming, and to information systems needs for monitoring implementation of these strategies.The project targets bridges and barriers to transforming presently existing vector control programs in Machala, and the feasibility of that transformation at the municipal, provincial and regional levels.

Publications and Presentations

Click here to view a video (Spanish version) on the dengue fever project, produced by UASB’s Observatorio Regional de Salud Colectiva. Click here to view the same video with English subtitles.

Spiegel JM, Breilh J, Mitchell-Foster K, Yassi A. Strengthening Analysis of Social Determination of Health: Lessons From a Dengue Study in Machala, Ecuador. Canadian Public Health Association Annual Conference. Ottawa, ON. June 9-12, 2013.


The Ecuadorian/Canadian team, with GHRP PhD student Kendra Mitchell-Foster.

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