Project 9

Improving occupational health and infection control for healthcare workers in Ecuador

Lead researchers

Annalee Yassi, UBC
Jaime Breilh, Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar- Ecuador
Elizabeth Bryce, UBC
Carlos Colindres, Student Investigator, UBC

Study description

The study aims to determine the barriers and facilitators to making the work environment of public hospitals in Ecuador healthier and safer for the healthcare workforce. A baseline assessment is being conducted of workplace hazards; existing occupational health and infection control infrastructure; and the knowledge, attitudes and practices of healthcare workers in selected hospitals across the country. The hospitals are paired based on baseline results, and one of each pair randomly assigned to the intervention, which consists of supporting staff responsible for occupational health and infection control with training, policies and procedures. If mid-term evaluation shows improvement, half of the improved sites will then be offered a web-based information system –see OHASIS – project #5.

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